Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Oyunjargal's Baptism

This week was just a great week!   Last Wednesday my companion, Elder Bilgvvn, left for the Philippines MTC, and then I became a threesome companionship with Elder Higgs and Elder Browning until Saturday.  On Wednesday, some missionaries got invited to sit in a setting apart for one of the other Elders who went into the MTC.  It was really a great experience.  The Stake President, President Odgerel, set apart two missionaries, obviously all in Mongolian, and it reminded me of my setting apart a lot.  It was amazing to hear the promises given through revelation to two different missionaries.  Both blessings were sooo different, and as I looked at the Stake President while he spoke I could just literally see that it was not him speaking.  He was speaking the words that just came to him through the Holy Ghost.  It was a special thing to witness. 

I got a mini-Missionary on Saturday!  His name is KhasBaatar and he is 18.  He was baptized last June and is going on a mission soon! Papers are almost done!  He is a really good kid.....shyer than shy!  He is loving mission life so far, though. He is my third mini-Missionary now, so I am used to it!

Friday was Oyunjargal's baptism and is was great!  She came with her mother and boyfriend and little sister.  She is usually a real "wear black" kind of girl.  She calls it her "rock" style, haha.    To see her dressed in all white and see her smile and the pure happiness that was on her face was priceless!    She has made a huge changes in her life.  The testimony she shared afterwards was so sweet, yet so strong, and I felt the Spirit so much. She was so ready.  We pray that her mother will start to investigate the church again. She's a great lady and would make a great member. Please pray for her, Oyumaa Egch. 

This week, since I was in a three-way companionship, I was unable to work in my area, so I taught only one lesson all week.  Yesterday in church,  however, answers to our fervent prayers came and we found two new investigators, and tons of our ALA's (less actives) came!!!  This week will be busy!   On Tuesday, we will meet with Narnaa, the 23 year old I told you about who lived in Oakland and in London.   She is super excited to meet with us and she wants the lessons taught in English, haha.  She said she is "Mongol Hel Myytai," which means she speaks bad Mongolian.  Her English is amazing....haha.  She's got the slang and gangster talk down like she lived in it her whole life!

Mongolia had it's first daylight savings time in like 15 years this week....That was soooo dumb.   We have been so tired all week.  Hopefully, we can catch up this coming week.   I am learning so much in my Personal Study and it has truly become a holy hour for me.  I have studied a lot about Prayer this week and I've learned so much from 2nd Nephi 33:1.  Through faithful prayer, we will be given the Holy Ghost and only through the Holy Ghost can we, the missionaries and the investigators, be edified at the same time.  I have thought much about this lately and have set a goal to improve and increase my personal prayers.  

Well, it's time to go. I love you all.  Until next week,

Elder Harris

Oyunjargal's baptism with her mom and little sister.  They are great people.

Oyunjargal's baptism with Elder Higgs, Elder Browning, and I.

 This is Elder Higgs, KhasBaatar (my mini-companion), and I with one of our favorite families.   They are very strong members.  The father is the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric.  They have us over for dinner a lot and we love them.

 Yes, this is an octopus.  There is a great story to this picture.  It'll have to wait until I have more time to write.  Here is Elder Higgs, me, Elder Bilgvvn, and Elder Browning in our apartment.

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