Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy and Busy... What More Can I Ask For?!

Dear Family,

This week was great! So here we go!

Transfers:  I got a new companion, and he is also a Zone Leader with me!  THAT IS THE BIGGEST BLESSING!  His name is Elder Munkhbold, age 26.  He has been out for about 6 months and is a stud.  Super mature and super funny and relaxed and also has such a strong testimony and knowledge of the Gospel.  We are good friends already, and he tells me everyday that, "Every time I see you, Elder Harris, I start to remember the $$ I lost in Vegas. The dealer told me to go all in, and funny thing is, he looked just like YOU!"   It is super funny.  He is also the Mongolian Wrestling Champion for the 65 KG weight class. Stud.

Baptism: We had an 8 year old baptism this week of a member family that we are working with in getting the wife re-activated.  Great family.   My companion and I taught all the lessons to the boy. His name is Timuugin and is a great kid. The baptism was great too!

Zone Conference:  Yesterday we had Zone Conference, an all-day Conference with President, the AP's (assistants to the President), and the STLs (Sister Training Leaders).  Our STL's are Sister Hansen and Sister Sneddon from my MTC group, so that is cool!  We prepared a great hour and a half lesson on using the scriptures more in lessons, something we need to do better at as a mission.  We also emphasized the need to always leave something behind when we leave a lesson.....a hand booklet, the Book of Mormon, homework, etc., and teaching unitedly with your companion.  It was a great lesson, if I do say so.  Sister Benson even came up and complimented us.  :)  Sister Hansen and Sneddon did a great job!  They are some of the best in the mission.  I love President Benson!  He is the most chosen man on this planet.

Investigators: We have B.........., who is great! We meet with her a lot!  She is working hard to quit smoking, so please pray for that!  April 30th is the date, and we will make it, I know it.  She loves the church, and told us she believes the Book of Mormon and the Church are true.  She came to three sessions of General Conference this past weekend and felt that everything that was spoken was meant for her.  We gave her a blessing Sunday for strength to overcome the adversary in her life.  Her lessons are always so spiritual!  I love being a missionary and an instrument in the Lord's hands, helping people like B.............. find the truth.

General Conference:  Well, what can I say!  It was great!  I just sat there and told myself, "This is all so true, there's no denying!"  My favorite talk was by Elder Holland.  The Atonement is so amazing.  I loved the story he told about the two brothers in Southern Utah.  I thought of my two older brothers who caught me at a most critical time in my life, and how they were right there to grab me when I took a huge leap of faith a few years back, and them not letting me fall.  I am changed forever by the blood of my Savior, which he personally shed a few drops for me.

The Church is true.  If anyone who reads this doesn't know this like I do, please ask, knock, and find.


Elder Harris 

Elder Harris in an area called Shar-Khad.

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