Friday, April 10, 2015

"Red Egg Holiday" and Happy Easter in the U.S.!

Гэр Бүл Минь,

So this weekend was Easter in America AND General Conference!  I'll bet both were great!  I look forward to listening to General Conference next weekend!!   Easter in Mongolia, like Christmas, isn't really known or recognized at all except by the Church.  In Mongolia, they call it the "Red Egg Holiday," haha.  There's definitely no Easter egg hunts or Easter bunnies or talk of Christ's resurrection.  Only at Church and among Church members is there recognition and celebration about the true meaning of Easter and The Resurrected Christ.

This week my mini-companion and I did some great work!  We found two new investigators who both have baptismal dates set for April 30th.  One is a 19-year-old young man named O......, and he is really good guy.  He is the younger brother of the wife of a really strong family we have in the ward.  He didn't believe in God but he is praying and asking....and receiving his answers!   I love when Heavenly Father answers prayers!   The other is a woman named B........  Her story is great.  She is 32 and has lived in America, London and Korea for the last 10 years or so.  She used to believe in God, but stopped believing.  She feels like she has a curse or something of that nature dwelling within her.  She has really been searching for help for quite a while.  In America and Korea she had met with counselors and here in Mongolia she has met with Shamans and Monks.  They all say she is fine, but she feels they don't understand what she's telling them.  So she stopped believing and two Sunday's ago decided to Google "Christian Churches."  Well, the LDS Church was the first one that popped up and so she came to church last Sunday.  She has heard of the Church and even went to church in D.C. like 10 years ago.  Anyway, we taught her two lessons this past week and they were so great.  At the beginning, we were really prompted to talk to her about Priesthood blessings and the power in them. We offered her a blessing and she accepted.  We continued our lesson and at the end we gave her a blessing.  The things that I was prompted to tell her, promised blessings and counsel, is 100 percent a testimony to me of how the Spirit works with missionaries.  I don't really remember it all or what I even said, but the Spirit was so strong.  We met with her the next day for another lesson that lasted 2.5 hours... haha, but it was great. We taught her the majority of the Message of the Restoration and her understanding, questions, and desire to know is just amazing.   So that she could better recognize the promptings to find her answers, she asked all who were present at the lesson (there were 5 of us) how we all individually identify and feel the Spirit in our lives.  That was really powerful for us to bear witness of the Spirit in our lives to her.  She then asked me if I could feel a difference from yesterday's lesson and today's lesson.  I was able to tell her that I felt that she was scared to start believing yesterday and afraid to put her faith in God's hand like we asked her to do, but that today she was not.  I told her that I feel that she is seeking the truth and the Spirit is touching her.  She agreed and talked about how she prayed and asked if the Book of Mormon was true, which was homework we hadn't even given her yet!  We had told her to read 3 Nephi, Chapter 17, and learn of the healing power of Jesus Christ.  She did that, then went to the front of the Book and read the entire introduction, and the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses, Joseph Smith's Testimony, and up to Chapter 4 in 1st Nephi.  She then prayed and asked if the the things we taught her were true and if the Book was true and went to bed.  I asked her why she prayed to know the Book of Mormon is true (because we hadn't asked her to yet)?  Her reply was, "Because the Book told me too!"  She also came to all three hours of Church again yesterday and to the Saturday Easter Musical Fireside and to the Sunday Book of Mormon Fireside. She is getting her answer, she said. She is doing great so please pray for her!!  She has been smoking for a lot of years and she is working on quitting, so pray for that too!  Praying for people individually this week has been such a huge strength to me. I have literally seen the hand of the Lord bless those I have prayed for individually by name.  Everything that is touching Sister B........ is a result of prayer in her behalf.  I feel your prayers here for me on my behalf Mom and Dad.  Thank you and I love you so much.

This week Mongolia started a six month Book Of Mormon reading schedule.  Look it up on Facebook: Friends of LDS Church in Mongolia and  Check out the Facebook page though for everything that is happening in the church here in Mongolia!  The Easter Musical Fireside here this past Saturday was amazing.  I felt the Spirit so STRONG testifying to me again that He is Risen.  I truly love my Savior!  I look forward to the day (someday) when I will fall to my knees before him, then feel Him lift me and and feel His hug!   HE LIVES!  I bear witness.


Elder Harris 

Saying goodbye to my companion, Elder Bilguun, before he heads off the the MTC in the Philippines for 3 weeks.

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