Thursday, April 30, 2015

A missionary has to do what it takes to get in the door…Literally!


This week, my comp (Elder Eternal Steel) and I continue to be doing great.  No problems, and there will never be.   My companion and I are so happy together!   He continues to be a huge blessing to me.  He loves to just talk with me about our investigators and our less actives, and our Zone, etc.   I LOVE THAT!   I love that he just wants to talk about our needs as missionaries and then seek for revelation on what to do!  It's awesome being able to receive revelation as a companionship, and not just alone.  So much stronger.   We both had personal interviews with President Benson this week and President totally dropped some great knowledge into my head.   I came home and wrote 5 pages from what I learned in my journal.  I will cherish those things forever.  All I know is that he is Called of God to be here in Mongolia at this time.  That is it!  He is the most chosen Mission President in the world.   I know this because according to Elder Rasband, our mission (Mongolia the country) has the highest opportunity for growth of all other areas in the world.  I love President Benson! 

We did two splits this week with other companionship.  One kinda cool story, I am on the phone with Elder Higgs walking to the door of a large apartment building with a door code to the main entrance door.   If you don't know the door code, you will wait forever to get in.  So as soon as I see a man come out, I dart as fast as I can to the door.  Well the path I choose was a bad one, seeing that I was dead-ended with the back of a car being butted up next to the building. Well nothing was going to stop me from catching that door, so I just took a huge leap (while on the phone) and cleared the back of the car, barely grabbing the door as it shut!  My comp was shocked and the Mongolian men standing around talking and smoking were just staring at me like they couldn't believe I just did that... It was epic!   HaHa.  A missionary has got to do what he's got to do to get in the door!

Yesterday Sister B…….. quit smoking!  She's been working very hard at it and now she just needs to stay strong.  She loves the gospel and wants it to be a part of her life.  She also loves my companion and I so much.  We are like her little brothers, she says.  We were over to her apartment last night and we just got her to laugh at us so much!   It was fun!  May 8th is set as her new baptismal date!  PRAY!   Also, we are also working with Brother Z's family in re-activation.   He is a Melchizedek Priesthood and a returned missionary.  He is the father who did the baptism of his 8-year old son two weeks ago!  His wife in next!

In Priesthood Meeting yesterday, I was asked to translate Mongolian for an American brother.  Please don't take this is bragging, but it was awesome to see how good my language actually is when put under pressure like that.   A couple of brothers who speak fluent English came up to me afterward and were very impressed and thanked me. That always feels good :)

Mom, I'm pretty sure I have gotten all your cards and pictures that have been sent recently!  Thanks so much!  I love to sit and look at night before I go to sleep!  You asked what my companion and I do as Zone Leaders.  Well we have many weekly responsibilities.  Daily, we make sure that all missionaries in our Zone (22 of them in all) are home on time and then report that to the AP's.  I know we are doing a great job and President trusts us a lot.  We also solve problems if they arise and can't be taken care of on the District Leader level.  We also go on splits with all the District Leaders in the Zone every six-week transfer cycle.  My comp and I  do at least two split a week with just whoever we feel prompted to split with, though.  Some missionaries are so confused because in the past, ZL's never did splits with normal missionaries….and we are doing that.  We just want to hit our seasonal goal of two baptisms, one retained new member, and one re-activation per companionship.  We know that we have the keys to do that as ZL's.  That is all on our shoulders.  We have really been working to train the DL's regarding their jobs and that they need to be stronger on their level in their District so that they can solve their problems on their level.   When problems can't be solved on their level, they are passed up to us.  The DL's have the authority on their level so we are working with them on that.  Our East Zone, which I am the ZL for, is in the East District here in UB, and we feel like we are going to be a Stake soon!  It takes so much work for a District to become a Stake, but we are working hard for it.  This coming Sunday is a District-wide fast.  We are fasting to become a Stake.   I know our prayers will be answered.  Out of the 22 missionaries in our Zone, we have many of the strongest in the mission...and there are no missionaries who slack.  We all work our tails off.  President has done that for a reason, and people in the Branches are talking about that too.  We are making progress here and reaching goals! 

Until next week, I love you all.  Stay safe.


Elder Harris

Some of my favorite members from Choibalson.

 My companion, Elder Hero Eternal Steel, is more powerful than Batman!

My comp....

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