Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Few Days in Darkhan this Week with Elder Khash Erdene

Dear Family,

So this week was a little weird.  On Wednesday, I got a text at like 9:00 a.m. that I am going to Darkhan.  Darkhan is about a 3-1/2 hour train ride north from Ulaanbaatar.  Elder Khash Erdene needed to go home to Darkhan and meet with Mongolian government people regarding his mandatory Army duties.  So President sent me with him up there to do it.  We left Wednesday night by train, stayed until Sunday morning, then we took the train back at 1:00 am, and reached UB at 6:30 a.m.   It was a great time! 

Dad, thank you so much for all the things you do for me.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to wear the name “Harris,” on my missionary badge, in the Mongolian language, and represent first the Lord, then my family in the service of our Master. I am so proud to be a “Harris” and your son.  I love you Dad. 

Mom, so I’ll be talking to you guys on MY Sunday at 8 a.m. so everyone will be at Ryan’s house.  I hope that you can get Matt on Skype with another iPad and just have them face me or something. That would be sweet!  Thirty minutes only :)  I like that so much better.  Sorry…haha!   

Transfers are on the 21st of May.  I am probably staying in my area again.  That’s good, though. I love it here in Sansar.  We have tons of work so it is fun!  I think I won’t be going to the countryside again for a while.  Regardless of where I am, I will serve hard with any calling.  My companion and I continue to work so great together.  It is awesome.  He’s such a great missionary. Like I said, I don't know what will happen with this transfer coming up, but I just hope he stays in Leadership. He is a great leader!

Regarding our investigator, she is still very faithful.  This week we pushed back her baptism a week, so we will continue to work with her and see where we need to go from here.  Everything is okay, though!   Please keep praying for her, and miracles will come!

Kind of exciting….this week BYU's Wind Symphony is here doing a concert. Seeing white people was nice.

Well I'm tired. I'm Hungry. I'll see your faces face-to-face here in a few days!  Looking forward to our Mother’s Day Skype!

Love you guys!

Elder Harris

Elder Khash Erdene and I up north in Darkhan with his Mom and Dad.

The Mongolian National Arm Wrestling Champion now has us over for dinner weekly :) 

Cow in Darkhan...

This dog kind of reminded me of Toby!   haha….Not!

Doing some service for some of our members.  We dug up this family's planting area for potatoes to be planted. 

Sleeping on the train headed north to Darkhan.

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