Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Transfers happened….Blessed to still be with Elder Munkhbold!

Dear Family,

Hope everything is well there at home.  I’m great.  Like I mentioned in my last email, I was with two mini-missionaries this past week, but then transfers came out and I am back with Elder Munkhbold and we are staying in the Sansar Branch!   I am so pumped and blessed to be back with Elder Munkhbold.  He is truly a great example to me.  We both talked and we know that our work together is not done.  How awesome it is that we are back together! This week, with transfers, there was a lot of switching of companions.  With Elder Munkhbold gone to Little Lake this past week, and me spending a few days with another companion, we only taught two lessons in our area.  We can do better this coming week.  We have a ton of potential investigators, and an investigator that should be baptized next week.  I haven’t told you guys a lot about her, but she is great, has a strong testimony, is totally ready to be baptized…..all of the lessons are just not finished yet.

I’m excited to report that later this week (this coming Saturday), I will fly to Choibalsan to go on exchanges with the Elders there!!!  I will fly home on Wednesday, June 3rd.  I AM SO PUMPED to go back to Choibalsan!!  I will fill you in on everything next week.

Mom, to answer some of your questions about what we do on P-day…..Today Elder Munkhbold and I woke up and played basketball from 6:30 until 7:45, then we came home, showered, and did our personal study.  After that, we were so hungry!  Being hungry every Monday morning is pretty typical because by Sunday each week, we are out of groceries in our apartment.  So that being said, at like 9:45, we left to go get something to eat.  We ate at a little cafeteria place.  I got some rice with pork and a fried egg. It was pretty good, and only about $1.50.

Next, we went to the black market, and I got some gifts for dad.  Also Sister Della Silva sent me on a souvenir hunt for her at the black market.  She says she heard that I can talk people down in prices :)   So I got her a wolf ankle bone and a fang that is really pretty.  It has silver on it for girls for only 20,000 toogs.  Originally, the lady told me that it was 35,000 toogs for just the one.  Obviously not true!  So I talked to her and was just nice to her, and I got her to give me both for 20,000, which is super good.  Most places sale the ankle bone alone with no silver for about 15,000 to 20,000 toogs, and the fang is about 10,000 with no silver, so I got a great deal.  Next, I got dad some stuff, and in order to get the price I wanted, believe it or not…...I sang that “Smell of Milk” mother's song to the lady.  She must have liked it a lot because she gave me the price I wanted!  The two other ladies just sat there shaking their heads and smiling and said that no one has ever “sung” for them to get a better price!   It was funny!  But I got the deal I was looking for!  Later today, we are doing some service in the Mission.  We will help move some sisters in my Zone into their new apartment, and then my comp and I will move tomorrow to another place.   I will be next to Elder Huckvale, literally in the same building!  Later today, we will go to FHE at the Church with our investigator, and then teach her a lesson tonight.

My time is gone, gotta go.

I love you guys,

Elder Harris

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