Monday, May 18, 2015

Baptism Day for Bayrmaa!

Dear Family,

This will have to be quick, but I’ll make it informative.   Here we go:

Bayrmaa’s Baptism was great!   Bayrmaa is now a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She was so ready!  I am so blessed to have been her Missionary.  When she bore her testimony after her baptism, it was so sweet and so strong.  What a blessing it is to be a missionary and to bring souls unto Christ!

Regarding companions, well friend and companion Elder Munkhbold was sent out to the countryside this week to fill the spot of a missionary that left his mission, so I received a mini-missionary again!  Oyubold is his name.  Then today, another missionary left, so his companion Elder Huckvale, became companionless. That being said, President took my mini-missionary from me and put him with Huckvale, and I got a new mini missionary…..again!  His name is Dolgoon.  He is a returned missionary who has  been home for a while.   So this should work out fine.

Regarding the Work, we taught nine lessons this week. Two less than our goal, and we are down to just one progressing investigator now.   She is doing great, though, coming to church and working hard to gain a testimony.  We were burned all week with our ALA’s (less active members), but there is always next week!   We were able to meet with one less active member, A…………., this past week.  He is just a tough one.  We will need to get working better with his Home Teacher, and we will see where that leads us.

This week in personal study I read a lot about how the Spirit always strives to be with man.  I thought back in my life to a time when I didn't have the Spirit with me. That time was dark, sad, and full of regrets.  Most of all, it taught me a lot.  I KNOW I need the Spirit in my life.  Despite being a missionary, you see the difference in the Light in someone when they have the Spirit with them in their life.  When I made a large change in my life, people came up to me and told me that I looked different and that there was new Light to me. The Spirit that is with us, is also a Light and a Beacon to others showing that we are living right and we are following our Lord.  I am so very grateful for the Spirit this week and how, through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I was re-united with the Spirit, and how it saved from personal apostasy.  The cool thing is... The ball is always in our court. The promise that was made to us through Baptism is clear, "If we are faithful, God will…..pour out His Spirit more abundantly upon us (see Mosiah 18:10), redeeming us from our sins as we repent (see Mosiah 18:9; D&C 20:37).  So the choice is always, and will forever be ours.

At a Fireside this past week, Elder Huckvale and I also had our opening debut as singers, and I thought it was pretty good!  The Fireside was fun, well attended, and very spiritual.

I love you guys!

Until next week,

Elder Harris

Happy Baptism Day for Bayrmaa!

Bayrmaa and I.

 We just made lunch for ourselves.

 My comp, Elder Munkhbold, and I by a river in the city (UB).

Just getting off the train, ready to go to work!

Elder Pap and I at the train station.

 Elder Huckvale and I…..Bound to be companions someday!

 We had a spicy food eating contest last P-day.  One elder cried, one elder (in the picture) threw up for 3 days straight.   And me... well nothing happened.   I am a man!  This story spread through the mission.  I am now known as, The Iron Stomach!  haha

We met with this famous actor in Mongolia.  He likes my Mongolian and laughed at all my jokes. We will see where our discussions with him lead.

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