Monday, April 20, 2015

The Gospel is Moving Forward Here in Mongolia!

Dear Family,

This week was awesome!  My new companion and I are doing great as a companionship, and our ZONE is doing awesome here in Outer Mongolia.  Elder Munkhbold and I taught 12 lessons this week and are reaching our goals!  We have quite a few people we are working with, so here are some of them:

Sister B.........: The investigator who lived in DC and London is progressing great.  This week we taught the Word of Wisdom and The Law of Chastity.  Both lessons were received very well.   Please pray for her. She is a great person and is doing great.  We don't want her baptismal day pushed back!

Brother Z............ and Sister B.............:  This is a great family, and we just baptized their 8 year old son T..............  The father served a mission in California back in 2001, and his wife is member of like 5 years.  The husband is a great guy and is so happy that his son was baptized.  

Sister B...........:  A less active member who is starting to come back!  She was baptized a year ago and then was just lost from that point on.  The members in her branch just didn't follow-up with her.  I hate when that happens, so please don't let it happen in our wards back home!!

My companion Elder Munkhbold (or if you translate his name....he is Elder Hero Eternal Steel) is the best!   He is such a blessing to me.   He just wants to work, and is so dang funny.  He supports me to be my best.  He always prays for me, and you guys (my family), and I really love that!   Honestly, he is the most Humble kid I have ever met, as well.  He is the National Mongolian Judo Champion 2 times running, and was on track to be in the 2016 summer Olympics representing Mongolia.  He threw that all away to come on his mission and was kind of like beaten down by his coach for deciding to go on a mission. He testifies to me everyday that he made the best choice in the world, and will never regret it.  His dream is to come back after the mission and win the title again, and then hold a Book of Mormon in his hand while he is on the 1st place podium stand!   He tells no one that he is the champion, although most people do recognize him on the street, and come and shake his hand and what not. This week we had like four kids on the street, who do Judo, come up to him and bow before him out of respect.  Too FUNNY!  All he said is that he was so proud to have them see him in a white shirt and tie, and not drunk or with a cig in his mouth.  President Benson has given him permission to meet with any wrestler, or judo person in the city.  He is a huge name with lots of recognition, and the President knows what an impact he can have on people.  A famous name in Mongolia wearing a white shirt, tie, and a missionary badge is such an amazing thing for the church here.  I'm proud to be his companion. Until next week.......

I love you guys!

Elder Xappuc

Elder Munkhbold and I at our baptism this week.

Me, Elder Papenfuss, and Huckvale.

Twins!  So dang cute!

I love the children I meet here.   You can see why!

My comp, Elder Munkhbold, goofing in my red PJ's!

Elder Munkhbold is an Aggie!!  

This was taken from my apartment window.

I gave Pap a bad haircut!  …..but I repaired it!   No worries!

Elder Huckvale and I.

My companion and I went on a 3-way companionship this week.  On our way to a lesson.

 Left to right:  Elder Erickson from (St. George), Higgs, Huck, Harris, and Pap. 

My sponsor. Ukraine Naraa!  She is the very best!  She even made a Birthday cake for YOU, MOM, for your birthday, and gave it to ME!! 

This is the cake Ukraine Naraa made ME for YOUR birthday, MOM!  

My MTC Group!!  Sis. Della Silva, Sis. Sneddon, and Sister Hansen…..and me!

Me, Sis. Sneddon, Sis. Hansen, and Sis. Della Silva at our conference.  They all have about 3 months left before going home.

 P-Day:   Elders Higgs, me, Huckvale, and Pap.

  P-Day:   Me, Elder Huckvale, Pap, and Higgs 

 Cute kids in a car shooting at us!  :0  

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