Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reaching Goals Feels so Great

Dear Family,
First of all, I am happy to report that this week I FINALLY GOT MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE YOU SENT LAST JULY AND ALSO MY CHRISTMAS PACKAGE!!  THANKS!!!!!!!  My birthday package only took 8 months and my Christmas box only 4!!  haha. I have no idea where they have been, but it was so FUN getting them and opening them up!  It was like my birthday and Christmas all in one!  I love you guys!  Thanks!  

Also, I'm sorry no pictures again this week.   The computers at this internet cafe are super ghetto and most of them don't have a connector.  I'll send pictures as soon as I'm at a good computer.

This week my companion and I hit our goal and taught ten strong lessons!   We are really happy about it.  Also, we will have a baptism this week!  Oyunjargal, our 16-yr-old investigator, will have her baptism interview tonight and I am sure she will pass!  She is super ready.  Her school exams and whatnot that she had to do in order to graduate are now finished and nothing is holding her back from coming to church. She is so excited and is going to be a great member! This week in our Zone, we will have seven baptisms!  We are so proud and excited, not to mention super motivated!  That means that this month we will have a total of 12 baptisms, one per companionship!  We set that goal last month as a Zone and we are reaching it.  Reaching goals feels so great!
We have a new investigator named Narnaa who is 23.  She lived in Oakland, CA for 7 years and then in London. She speaks perfect English and very little Mongolian...haha.  She moved away from Mongolia at a young age and just returned to Mongolia.   She knows tons about the Church and actually lives right across the street for our church building here. She feels every day that she needs to go inside and just check it out, but has been scared.  She has a son that she says she wants to raise in a religion, and she feels like God is leading her to our Church.  I taught her a lesson over the phone this week, and it was great.  Believe it or not, the Spirit manifests itself even over the phone!   More to come! 
I finished reading the New Testament this week, and am so grateful for the time I set aside to read it.  I learned so much from the life and example of Christ.  As I finished up, I read this scripture and it really hit me and gave me great imagery of the Savior and how He is with me always......It's 2nd Timothy 4:17, "Notwithstanding the Lord stood with me, and strengthened me; that by me the preaching might be fully known, and that all the Gentiles might hear: and I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion. "  Of course, the Lion is the adversary, and in the Bible it talks about how the Lion is trying to destroy us.  I know He is with me and He delivers me from the Lions in my life.  He strengthens me to do my calling and be a better Zone Leader every day, a calling for which I feel not always qualified for.   I know He is by my side and trusts me, and that is why I have been given the calling as a Missionary, a trainer, and a Zone Leader. I know He raises me higher than I could ever imagine doing myself.  I love the New Testament and I know I will read it again.
Well, my Companion is flying out to the MTC in the Philippines on Wednesday, so I will have a new companion for a few weeks, but as of now, I don't know who.  More on that next week.
I love you guys!
Elder Harris 

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