Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Members are the Key to Missionary Work


Hey how are you!   We totally had a great week this week!  Numbers were not too high, but we did some solid missionary work, for which we are very grateful. We were able to reach Oyunjargal (our 16-yr-old investigator) and teach some great lessons to her.  But the sad thing is, she didn't come to church again this week because of school.  Postponing baptisms is terrible.  But all is well, and we will continue to work hard to help her.  She definitely has a testimony, but that "leap of faith" has just not come yet.  We found a new investigator too!   A 19-year-old guy named Bold.  He is a great kid, and just came to church with a friend.  We met twice, and totally "cliff-hangered" him after teaching him about the apostasy.   He actually said,  "There has to be only one true church! That only makes sense!"  More to come on him, but he is great, and he is the best kind of investigator to find...one who is talkative and is truly wanting to find the truth.   

Also, this week we worked tons with members, something that was hard for us for the first little bit, but now members are letting us in, and starting to trust us with their non-member friends.  I love that!  There is no other way for missionary work to be successful than through members.  So, this past Sunday my companion and I decided to write down 10 names of active members before we went to Sacrament Meeting, ones who we planned on talking to and get some lessons with.  I took 5 names, my companion took 5, and we got 7 out of that who confirmed to having us over to teach lessons during this past week.  We had some really great experiences with these families and we are getting referrals from them.   We will continue that this week.  At first, it was hard getting in member's doors, but we were really blessed this past week.

In 9 days, my companion leaves for the MTC in the Philippines.  Remember I told you that he hadn't been to an MTC yet, nor has he been to the temple yet.  He will do both while in the Philippines.  I don't know who my companion will be, but I am thinking another mini-missionary.  I feel like I will continue to be a Trainer for the next little while, as well as being a Zone Leader.  Please pray for our mission and our missionaries.  Satan is real.  We are low in numbers, about 66 missionaries total, but we are all working hard to press forward, even with the things being put in our way to stop us by the adversary.   More on that at another time.

During my mission, I have learned so much from President Benson and have gained a huge testimony about "Not Getting Offended."  Just know that I will give this sermon when I get home.  Please read, "And Nothing Will Offend Them," by Elder Bednar from October 2006. Wow, three words....Offense is Sin.

This week, let us all forgive our debtors, so we can receive forgiveness from our Heavenly Father.

Love you all,

Elder Harris 

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