Thursday, August 27, 2015

What Missionaries Live For!

Dear Family,

So this past Friday, my comp and I had one baptism!   U________ (15 year old girl) was baptized.   She was super happy and ready for it.    U_________’s mother came out to support her, and she seemed to like what she saw. We have a plan to meet with her now that she seems to have opened up more.  Also baptized was the other two Elders' two investigators, and there was also two Branch baptisms, so Nalaikh just added five more to their rolls!    It was a truly a cool sight to see so many people entering the waters of baptism together.  Mashbat, the investigator who we were supposed to baptize, got pushed back.   But that is okay, he is a great guy and still right on track.  This is just what missionaries live for!

My companion and I are doing great. I am grateful in so many ways for the time I have had with him.  It looks like we will be splitting up here this week when transfers come out.

Saturday, we had a Elders Quorum outing at one of the Branch Sister’s little cabin out of town a little bit. We bought a sheep, (dead and pre-prepared), made Horhog, and just went down to the river while all the brethren “swam.”  I realized that with the lack of organized swim lessons offered by the local recreation center in Mongolia, most men don’t swim well... It was scary.  It was a great activity all in all.  At the end we played basketball against four other random guys who were decent.  They all had cigarettes in their mouths as they played.  I was the only one on my team who could dribble so it was a little un-even.   It was fun, and playing against Mongolians in Basketball really has made my Bball game go away….not that I had game before!!

This week I just want to express gratitude for family:

I am so thankful for a Mother who raised my in the Gospel.  I love you Mom.  No matter how rotten I was, you loved me and were so good to me. You loved me and helped me more than anyone on the road to where I am today.  You were always there through thick, thin, trouble, and sin, and saw me how I know the Savior sees me.  Not as who I was, but as who I could become.  I love you mom and I can't wait to hug you soon.  You remind me of Queen Ester.  Brave and always standing up for the right.  I love that story and it really reminds me of you. Also, I’m looking forward to some good country jam sessions in the car upon my return home!

Dad, you are a man of integrity. I think of how to describe you, and I just think of one word. Man. You are a God fearing man, who raised me right. You were hard on me and I hated it, but now I look back on it with the a humble heart and with more gratitude that I can express. You are honest in your dealings with your fellow man. That is something I will always look up to you for.  I love our relationship, and I can't wait to just learn from you more and more when I get home. Thanks for being my Hero.

I love my two big brothers who were trail blazers for me and showed me how to be successful. Thanks for your missionary service many years ago when I was just a little guy.  I remember you guys on your mission so vividly, and it is truly your push and tough love that got me on my mission.  You two are men of God.  Thanks for being great husbands and fathers. Thanks for loving me and everything I bring to the family table.  I am different than you guys, always have been, but you saw me as a brother who you couldn't leave behind. I will always remember the talk we had before my mission. I love you guys.

I love my Grandma Harris. Thanks for being at every event I have ever had, no matter the flight or drive from the Bay Area. I will always remember you being at everything!  That is the role of a Grandma, isn' it!  Thanks for raising my Dad. I am sure it was stressful at times, but you sure did a great job. Matthew 7 explains this well Grandma….."Ye shall know them by their fruits. Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."  Thanks for a life of church service Grandma!

Where would I be without my family, and those who helped me get here today?  Well I don't want to know.


Elder Harris

FIVE were baptized in Nalaikh this past Friday.  It is so cool to see so many enter the waters of baptism at the same time.

 Me, my companion, and U___________.  She was so happy and ready.

 At our Elder’s Quorum Activity.   A member making Horhog!

 Mongolia is so beautiful in the summertime.

Cool picture of horses.

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