Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Successful Week! Blessings are coming to Nalaikh!


So Family….This was a good week!  I had a great time, but I’m tired!  This lifestyle of being “tired” all the time probably will never end until I get home.  No matter how well I sleep at night, that 8 hours does NOTHING!  Don’t get me wrong!  I LOVE IT THIS WORK and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stories from this week:

We got the name of a family in the Branch that we needed to go check on.  So we headed over there and just a little girl was home, no adult.  So we told her that we would stop by later, like the next day or so.   Well that night I had the prompting to go back and check on them again and my companion agreed that it was a good idea.  So we went back and the father was out front, and happily let us in!  There were three little happy girls just running around and climbing all over us!  I’m sending you picture of them.  They just loved us and immediately started talking about Sister Della Silva.  She used to meet with them in the first months of her mission, and they fell in love with her blonde hair. To this day they call her Barbie!  I’m sending you a picture of the girls and Sis. Della Silva too.  The mother of these cute little girls is about a 20-year member of the church.  Recently she was put in jail on false charges from what the story is and from what the Branch President says.  She was/is an awesome member.  The father was close to being baptized many times, but he is a smoker and just hasn’t been able to kick it.  He is a great guy though, and just is having a hard time raising these three girls without their mom.  We are taking these little girls to church now, and kind of being a "Big Brother" to them. This story just breaks my heart, but we are so glad to be there to help!  One of the girls is ready for baptism, age-wise.  But we think it is best to wait for their mother to be there so she can take her daughters to church. We are going to be working with the father also, so hopefully that goes well.  What a great little family, such potential. Please pray for this sweet family!

We were in a lesson with a long time member who is known to be a little outspoken and sometimes just rude.   Well, in the first 5 minutes of the lesson she got in my companion’s face and started calling him every bad word in Russian, and was about to slap him.  All over the Baptism activity being being planned for Saturday, not Friday.   Well, I just grabbed his arm and we ran out, got locked in a pitch black hallway to find our shoes and get to the door.  We found the door, it was locked... yup... it was just CRAZY.  We did get out, though.  Kind of funny story.

A man named Mashbat moved to Nalaik from a branch in the city.  His wife Maria is a member, and he is an investigator.  We spent about 2 days unloading his things from a big trailer and building his Ger.  He will be baptized this friday!!!  I am so pumped!  He is so ready and the past Elders did so great with him!   We are just there to finish up!   We are also having another baptism this week. Undarmaa. She is 16 and ready!

This week, we got in a lot of homes and met a lot of people. I loved this past week!  If only every week could be this successful!

Love you,

Elder Harris

Our investigator, Mashbat.  We spend almost 2 days helping him build his ger and getting moved in.  He’s a great guy and will be baptized this Friday

My companion, Elder Dulguun, and me on the outskirts of Nalaikh.

Me and that family of 3 sweet little girls.

 Sister Della Silva (and her companion) and the girls with their mother.  

Did I ever tell you that I sang in a mission choir that traveled around and sang at Firesides?

The view from my apartment window just as the sun is coming up.

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