Monday, September 8, 2014

My testimony of fasting is solidified!

Dear Family,

So this week we have seen miracles left and right!  I really wish sometimes there was a camera following us around to film these experiences that are so dear to me so that you guys could literally see the hand of the Lord unfold before us, but obviously that will not happen.  Anyway, I can testify that Miracles are real, and "The Tender Mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith."  I'll get started.....Naraa has cold turkey quit smoking.  Miracle.  Naraa committed to live the law of the tithe and the fast, and yesterday made that clear with her donation to the Lord.  Miracle.  She admits that this is the road for her and she knows there is a Father in Heaven who loves her. Miracle. 

Now here is the biggest miracle of all:  This past Monday, we watched the movie, 17 Miracles, with her, and she loved all the miracles!  I am not sure if she understood the significance of the story, but she recognized miracles and said how great the movie was.  Tuesday we got a text in the early morning from her as usual.  Usually the morning text is something like, "I read the scriptures and prayed this morning! It was great!"  But this text was nothing of the sort.  Instead it said, "I can not go to church anymore. I can not read the scriptures anymore. I am so sorry, but I also really can't meet with you anymore Elder Harris" .....and much more about why this was happening.  I guess Monday night she came home after we watched the movie at the church and her husband chewed her out and told her that she need not be at home, and just to go read your book and go back to church!  She was so sad, and realized that although her son is a member, if her husband doesn't give his support, she can't do this.  She said she laid in bed all night, not being able the sleep, and just pondered what to do.  So then the next morning we got the call.  I was heart broken and not knowing what to do.  My companion was kind of lost for words.  So we got on our knees and prayed hard, individually and together, and decided to just go to her work and talk about what is going on. So we went over to the Market.   She was sad, and speechless, but we locked the door to her market for about an hour, consequently losing business, and had a great talk.  We talked about many things, but mostly about how God has a plan for her, and He and His Son know her and this situation perfectly.  We shared 1st Nephi 3:7 and talked about how the Lord will provide a way.  Before we left, we went into the back room and gave her a blessing, and I just had an overwhelming feeling that all would be okay and not to worry.  A group from the Branch all met that night and not much happened, just really a sad lesson, and she was not there, she did not come as she usually does.  I decided to fast for her Wednesday.  I fasted that she would be okay and that her husband would approve of her going to church and that his heart would be softened.  So I fasted for 24 hours...easily the longest fast of my life.  During those 24 hours I felt my faith growing so much, and I knew that Heavenly Father heard my prayer and was seeing how honest and hard I was fasting for Naraa.  Thursday morning rolled around and we left pretty early to teach a lesson to a young man before his school started at 11.  As we are walking on this dusty road, we get a call from Naraa's phone, but it is her husband, and all he says is that he wants to talk to Harris.  So I take the phone, and he just starts apologizing, and says that he is not offended so for me to please not think that.  He wants us to come over right away.   I was shocked!!  So I just tell him, "See you tonight! We are coming over!"  Then Naraa got on the phone and told us that he approves and all is okay!  I am standing there speechless and my companion looks at me and says, "You did it, Elder Harris!"  I was shocked.  Holy Cow is fasting real!  The Lord truly knows His sheep.  There is no doubt that anything can ever convince me from the point on that God, the Father of all, is not intertwined in this work, of whose work it truly is!  I, in no way, shape, or form did this.  Heavenly Father did this.  This is His miracle.  She is His daughter, and He loves her perfectly.  I truly had nothing more to say about it, I am still speechless.  She will be baptized this Friday.  Faith proceeds the Miracle. Naraa said that Wednesday night, after we met with her at the Market, she went home and thought for a long time about what has happened recently in her life.  She thought about how she loves church so much, and is she really ready to just call it quits?   She just kept telling us that she was talking to herself saying, "What are you thinking? You love church."  Then the next morning, her husband asked her why she was so sad, so she told him.  She said she didn't understand why he hated the church.  He said that if he hated the church, or didn't approve, he would never have allowed Ganbayar to continue to go to church, or to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to go to seminary.  He told her that she is allowed to do the things that she likes, and he will support her.  Miracle!  Can you see how his heart changed in the span of about 48 hours?  It is unbelievable to me, and I am forever changed.  My testimony of Fasting is solidified.  He lives, and He answers the prayers of the faithful.  The veil is not as thick as we think, and He is truly waiting there, hand stretched out, waiting to perform miracles among the Children on Men.  One more thing, Naraa even bore her testimony yesterday in Sacrament Meeting!!  She shared her story about how she first decided to come and how much her life has changed for the good in a month and four days!   Everyone was so nice to her and kept telling her that they can't wait to come to her Baptism!  Naraa and Ganbayar were smiling from ear to ear.

So Friday, September 12th, will be such a special day for two missionaries in Mongolia, but more importantly, for our Naraa.

I love you all.

Elder Marc Harris

So these are the Fox pelts that Sister Bolormaa gave me!  She is Sister Bolorerdene's sister.  They killed these foxes just for me awhile back!  So one pelt will be made into a hat, and the other is a wall hanging!  So how do I look?

Tumee and me!

 Don't trust a wolf (or a fox in this case) in sheep's clothing!

Fierce warrior!

Saturday night we had a FHE at Bolorerdene's house with her sister that lives with her and their cute kids!    They taught me how to make Mantuu Buuz!  So I will be making them for you guys in a year or so!

The little kids wanted to have their picture taken, and especially Chon with his new backpack he got for 1st grade!  He's such a good little kid!

They are so dang cute!

 Just chillin' at the "Farmers Market."  Two humped camels are for sale for about 210,000 tugs. That is the equivalent of $120.   You know if this was America and I was not a missionary, I would be the proud owner of a camel!

  Erdene Monkh and me at the Choibalsan Farmers Market.   All these animals are for sale.

That huge cow right there is the Bull. He was really expensive! 

 Just another shot of what's for sale. 

Camels are so cool!

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