Monday, September 1, 2014

Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

So I know this might seem a little far-fetched, but I have a desire.  This desire not only satisfies my own wants and desires, but will provide for our family after we make our trek to the great and gorgeous Boise, Idaho.  Yes, I may have some hidden motives, (due to the fact that I will have no part in this errand), but I testify to you that REAL people use this brute of a machine.  You find this tool in nearly every Mongolian family's house, shack, ger, or yard.  

By means of metal, fire, and pure genius, the Mongolians have made a device that not only will cook any food you desire, but the final product is so much more satisfying. This is called a Zoekh.   Father, making this is within our abilities, I know it is.  I would love for you to make this, or use a lifeline and phone a friend.  It will change our style of cooking and living, and provide for our Eternal Family for years to come!!     See pictures and details for further instruction!

Welcome, Father, to Mongolian cooking!   See what you can do.....and stay thirsty my friend!     

Ahlagch Xappuc

PICTURE 1. The Zoekh.   I thought, "If only Grandpa Pendleton were still here, this would be his kind of project, right up his alley (so to speak)!"  He could build this, no problem, and make it look professional. 

PICTURE 2. The Chimney.  The chimney does not need to be longer than 5 feet. They only have longer ones if they are placed in a ger. The chimney is always detachable for cleaning purposes.

PICTURE 3. This picture is of the inside of the Zoekh. That is the hole that leads to the chimney for the ventilation.

 PICTURE 4. Looking down into the Zoekh

 Picture 5. Front view of the Zoekh.

 Picture 6. The hinged door for feeding wood into the fire.

 PICTURE 7.  This is a drawer that allows all the ashes to fall down and be caught for easy cleaning purposes.  If you look back to Picture 4, the bottom of the Zoekh has slits in it, allowing the ashes to fall through and be caught by the drawer.

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