Monday, September 8, 2014

Answers to Kinzie and Addisyn's Questions

Uncle Marc answered some questions from Kinzie and Addisyn (his 6 and 4 year old nieces).  They are kind of fun to read so I thought we would include them in blog.......

Q:      What's your favorite thing to eat in Mongolia? (and don't say goat head, that's so gross)
A:      My favorite thing to eat in Mongolia is called Tsouvan.  It is Mongolian Spaghetti, but so much better!  I will make it when I get home and we will all eat it!

Q:      What games do kids like to play in Mongolia?
A:       Kids in Mongolia love to play a game with goat and sheep ankle bones.  I forgot what it is called, but you play on the floor and flick the ankle bones around and get points. Also kids love soccer and basketball!

Q:      Do they have the Disney princesses there?
A:      YES!!  The little girls all love the princesses.  They really don't know the stories as well as American girls, but they wear the shirts and have the movies!  Everyone LOVES Frozen!!  (No joke, even all the adults have seen it and sing "LET IT GO!!!")  I pretty much have that whole song memorized just from hearing it from others all day.  They have that movie and song translated into Mongiolian so that is really cool too!

Q:      Do kids play soccer there?
A:      Yes!  It is kid's favorite sport!  There is a really nice soccer field next to my house!  I will take a pic of it!

Q:      Do you have ice cream?
A:      Yes, but it is always on a stick!  All the ice cream is sent here from Russia!  My favorite is one that is like chocolate cheesecake on a stick!

Q:      Do people have pets in Mongolia?
A:      No not really. If you have a pet you are kind of weird. All the dogs have no real home. They are all stray.

Q:      Did you have a good day?
A:      I have good days a lot! I miss you girls though!

Q:      How hot is it there?
A:      Yes, it is hot here now!  I sweat all day!

Q:      What are some of the kid's names in Mongolia?
A:      Some of my favorite names are Perfect Gift, Bronze Axe, and Warrior Son. They are really cool in Mongolian, but translated into English, they are crazy!!

I know, a little random, but it's coming from a 4 and 6 year old!

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