Monday, November 2, 2015

Thirteen Missionaries Arriving this Week from the MTC

Dear Family,

This past week Elder Murat and I were able to get some pretty good work done. Despite only teaching one lesson last night, we were able to find another investigator whose mother is a member of our Ward.  His name is Haribat and is a lawyer.  He is pretty good guy and really wants to know what the truth is.  He took a liking to me and just smiles at me and says “Harris!”   It is pretty funny.  He is in his mid-20's and a good looking guy, has an education, and wants to know all about the church, and that is something that you don't really come by too often here, or at least I have never.

Well this week is transfers. We will have thirteen new American missionaries here this week and also 6 missionaries that are still in their training phase, so that is 19 new missionaries with 19 trainers. That is 38 missionaries and about three-fourths of our entire mission. From what is planned, most American missionaries in the mission will all have to be in the city and all Mongolian missionaries will go out to the countryside. Almost all leaders in the city will also be trainers and that also goes for the AP's. So my new companion might be a brand new American. We will see though! 

This week I got pretty sick.  Not like with a cold, but just no energy.  I can't wait to just sleep all day on December 18th in my bed, or on the carpet in the basement.  I literally had to sleep all day one day this week because I could hardly get up or raise my head up, my companion also.  I think that also comes from having like no money at the end of the month for food. Just preparing for college I guess… haha!

Elder Huckvale and I went on a split this week and had a great discussion about our mothers and being open with them. I really love Elder Huckvale and how he pushes me to be a better person. I think we were almost both in tears as we talked about our mother’s love for us when we needed it the most in the hardest parts of our lives.  I love you mom.

This week I have been reading in the Book of Acts quite a bit. I really have come to love Paul, his change and his desire to spread the gospel.  Mostly, I love his determination and perfect decision to follow Christ.   Paul was preaching the gospel, going from place to place among the Gentiles and among the Athenians.  In chapter 18, he comes to Corinth. They bade him to stay and in verse 21, he, .." bade them farewell, saying, I must by all means keep this feast that cometh in Jerusalem: but I will return again unto you, if God will. And he sailed from Ephesus."  Paul needed to be back in Jerusalem for his Sabbath day. He was ready to sail across the ocean waters just to make it back for the Sabbath day. Are we also willing to do that? We are covenant people. Do we keep our covenants like Paul and do whatever it takes to get to church and renew our convents no matter the distance? 

I love you guys,

Elder Harris

Huck and I. 

This is a great family in our ward. They had us over for dinner last night and made us huushuur!  So good! 

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