Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Trains and Taxis between Zuunharaa, Darkan, and UB


Well not too much this week.  I got back to UB from Zuunharaa. It was kind of crazy all week riding on the trains back and forth from UB to Darkhan and to Zuunharaa, etc.  One morning at 1:00 a.m., Elder Ulziijargal and I were supposed to catch the train from Zuunharaa to Darkhan for a Zone Training meeting we had to be at.  Well we slept through the train and the only way to get there was to take the train south to UB and catch a taxi from UB to Darkhan.  We went a long ways south to go back a long ways north.  Good times on the night train!  We had to laugh at ourselves.

Not too much missionary work was done this week in my area of Selbe.  That is how is usually goes for AP's, unlike other missions.  Most missions have AP regulations that are 100% opposite of ours.  They have to lead the mission in baptisms and lessons weekly.  Mongolian AP's have not had a baptism in over a year. Hopefully we get one!  That's our goal. 

I will be going to Murun on October 23rd with President Benson, Brother Harper, and Brother Batbold.  I am super excited about that!  Then if I get to go to Khovd before I leave, I will have been to all three far places in the mission. Crossing my fingers. 

This week I loved General conference.  I prayed to know how to be the best RM I can be. That prayer was answered in so many ways, that I barely had room too write all of it on my note pad.  I know Heavenly Father is mindful of me and has called messengers to warn and protect us. Those messengers are called Prophets and Apostles and they, like in the days of old, are here on the Earth.  I know this is true.  I am so thankful for the great week of conference and for the many answered prayers and counsel that I received from the Lord's called messengers.  I am not trunky by any means, but I am excited and pray daily to be an amazing returned missionary. 

Elder Harris

Zuunharaa city limits.


Duush Mountain, above Zuunharaa.

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