Thursday, July 9, 2015

Life in the Mission is Good!


Well looks like we you guys are just having the best time of your lives out there in Yellowstone! Jealous. When I get married, can we go again? I just love seeing pics of America. So beautiful.

This week was pretty good! I was able to take down a Mongolian Ger and build it again for my sponsor Ukraine Naraa, and that was so much fun! Hopefully in the next 5-10 years or so I can have a Ger of my own!  All in all, super fun to learn the ways of the Mongols. This week also was Sister Hansen's (from my group) last district meeting before they all go home on Thursday. That being said, we had a huge pot luck and surprise party for her at district meeting. I will surely miss my group Sisters. See them in 6 months, though. This week we also had the last fireside doing our "Musical" thing. I will miss singing every Thursday and Sunday nights across the city at different church buildings.  We also had a baptism!  Friday Sunjee was baptized!  My camera died, so the pictures are on Sister Hansen's camera.  I will try to get them from her asap! 

Funny Stories of the Week:

My companion totally walked into a street sign with his head... I was dying laughing! 

I sat on a wild camel!  Wild...No owner!  Up in the mountains.  It freaked out a little bit but cooperated long enough for the picture. HUMP DAY! 

My companion walked up to a black man on the street and said, "What's up" (In English!). I was laughing so hard.  Laughing on the inside!  So I came up and introduced ourselves, and he was willing to talk for a little bit.  My companion was just in shock!  Smiling ear to ear, staring at this man as I talked to him!  He had never heard a black man talk before!  He finally introduced himself and said, "My name is Elder Eternal Steel," but the man didn't understand. Well, we talked a little more, and in closing my companion said something to the man that we American missionaries had taught him (from a rap song).  The guy just mean-mugged him head to toe, so I quickly stepped in and said that he (my comp) really likes rap and that phrase is the only thing he remembered in the whole song, and that he wasn't trying to act tough..... Kind of funny defending a Mongolian who speaks ZERO English, yet can spurt out bits and pieces of a rap song!  As we walked away my comp couldn't stop talking about the man. He found him so fascinating! Remember he grew up in a little Ger in the middle of no where Mongolia! I love my companion! 

Transfers are tonight! We will see what happens! Got a feeling I'm staying put! 

Also, my permanent retainer broke this week... yup. Also I chipped a little corner of my right K9 tooth. I was just eating a little piece of candy from the Doctor's office... Why is this happening to me!


Elder Harris Loves You!


Fishing in Choibalsan.

 Elder Hill, me, and a sister in the Choibalsan the Branch.

Look what I caught fishing with Ganbayar and Elder Hill!

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