Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Good Week in UB

Dear Family,

How is everyone! This week was good, even though the effects of white washing an area is setting in hard.   This week, we pretty much only met with the mom and daughter of the family we are teaching. We had originally set a February 13th baptismal date, but through fasting and prayer we are deciding to push that back.  They could be ready for a baptismal interview this Saturday and then be baptized on the 13th, but we would be rushing it and not truly allowing the Spirit to work or allow them to truly gain a testimony through faith and learning precept upon precept.  I was continually reminded this week of a quote by Elder Holland.  He said that our investigators are not just numbers and lifeless objects to count as a baptismal statistic.  I have felt that we need to give them the trial and test of waiting until past Tsaagan Sar (a big Mongolian holiday) for their baptism.  Most nonmembers drink tea and alcohol over that holiday, so that will be a huge test for them.  Some may think to baptism them before and then take care of a problem after, if something happens.  But I feel the complete opposite.  I have to testify that I have received this through the Spirit and not just relying on my own knowledge and opinion. They are progressing great, though. The mother works in a jewelry store in this huge fancy mall in downtown UB, kind of the equivalence of The Forum Shops in Caesars Palace.  Well she's been super busy all week and so she invited us to teach her at the store.  That was something new!   Something that many missionaries across the world do (teach in public places), but we usually do not.  We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ right there in this store and our Witness was the store Bodyguard.  It was great....and spiritual to say the least.  She is nervous to pray in front of us, so pray that after we address that issue tonight with her, she will feel comfortable and have the faith to pray.

We have a few other referrals that we have been able to contact and schedule lessons with, but they keep burning us. Please pray that we will find more investigators. We are trying really hard to work with the Branch and get help, but they have been not too helpful.  Pray that the white wash blues will go away soon! 

My companion is doing good.   I must admit that training a new elder is hard, but things are good.  I'm enjoying where I live and the elders I live with.  I love living with Elder Higgs especially.  He is a true buddy!  Things I'm enjoying here in UB that I didn't have in Choibalsan is eating at KFC and being able to play basketball, soccer, etc. with a ton of other missionaries on P-day!  Don't worry mom and dad.  I'm being careful with my knee. The only weirdness I feel in it is when I walk across a sloped plain, if that makes sense.  When my "bad" knee is on the upper end of the slope, I hate it, but it is fine...just weird.  

I love you guys!  Have a great week!

Elder Harris 

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  1. Yeah for KFC - I am glad he is in UB - he sounds like he is happy and doing well.