Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Questions for Elder Harris' nieces about Christmas in Mongolia

Kinzie and Addisyn were curious how the kids celebrate Christmas in Mongolia, so they sent Uncle Marc questions.  Here are his answers:

1. Do the kids sing Christmas songs? 

Yes!  Kids and most people know the American Christmas songs but have no clue what they mean!  haha

2. Do they know who Rudolph is? 

No they don't.

3. What do they call Santa Claus? 

They call him Santa Clause like us, but older people call him "Winters Old Dad."

4. Do they put a tree up with ornaments? 

No they don't decorate homes....no one has the money to do that, and you can't buy that stuff here unless you are really rich. But in Ulaanbaatar, the city is decorated like Christmas with big trees and lights and music, but not in Choibalsan.

5. They believe in Santa, right? 

Yes they believe!

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