Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I'm Totally Converted to Family Search.org!

Dear Family,

Well this was my week all wrapped up in a few words:  In commemoration of my "hump day," we climbed to the top of a building to burn my white shirt (it was spectacular), we had two baptisms, and I was totally converted to FamilySearch.org

Love you all!   Have a great week! 

Elder Harris 

Togolsiin ;)  (Joking!)

So this week was exciting!  I ripped a pair of pants beyond the point of repair while climbing to the top of a building to burn one of my white shirts!   It burned quickly, just in case you were wondering!   This past Friday, Munkhbaysgalan and Togolder were baptized.  It was a great turn out by the Branch, and we even got Togoldor's mother to come out to support him.  It was great!   Funny thing though, we started to fill up the font, left for a few hours, came back, and it was full of pretty much mud.   Yes, the water was that dirty!   So we drained it and had to fill it up again.  This time is was clean, but I am pretty sure the frozen river would have been warmer.   It was a COLD baptism!

We had a great Family History Fireside put on by the church's Mongolian Family History Consultant (Pugee), who covers all of Mongolia.  So much Family History work was accomplished!  All the names were given to Pugee to distribute to her friends in American so that work can be done with in a few months!  The members here are on fire with family history, so we are going to really focus on keeping them excited and coming to the church weekly to work on their Family History.  I had a cool experience while working in FamilySearch.org.   I could see that Grandma Harris had entered a ton of names just a few weeks ago.  How cool is that!  I was so proud of her!  Thanks, Grandma!  You can see who entered the names, and where and when it was done...all the way here in Mongolia!  Just know that Marc Harris is becoming a Family History MAN!!   I love it!

This week's Sacrament Meeting was great!   There were 81 people in attendance!  It was easily the most spiritual Sacrament Meeting I have been in since I got to Choibalsan.   Our goal is to have 100 attending regularly!  I know we will make it!

So mom you asked about our plans for Christmas here. Well, my companion and I are flying to Ulaanbaatar (UB) on Christmas Eve and will return to Choibalsan on the 27th, that is if we don't get transferred (transfers are on the 18th.)  All missionaries are coming to the city for Christmas, so it will be a great time!  Sister Benson and the kids will be back from Utah by Christmas!  We are all so excited about that!   Here in Choibalsan, due to limited funds in our bank account (haha), we will be having a big Christmas Party, while spending no money.  We are planning a potluck dinner and the youth in the Branch will be singing Carols and whatnot.  It will be a good time!  Yes, I am sure I will be giving a talk for Christmas in Sacrament Meeting, but nothing that I don't already do on an almost weekly basis. I talk nearly ever week.  In other words, lots of times the assigned people don't show up :)   Anyway, my comp and I are just really excited for Christmas and to fly to the city to be with all the other missionaries! 

Well, enjoy the pictures I sent!  I love you guys. Stay warm, safe, and strong. 

Elder Harris! 

BTW:  The Mongolian Santa wears a BLUE jumpsuit, not red!  Lame, I know. 

Let it snow!

Still snowing!

Togolder and Munkhbaysgalan's baptism.

Togoldor, his mom, little sister, and baby brother.

 Munkhbaysgalan.  He is Naraa's nephew.  

It was Chon's 7th birthday party this Saturday!   So cute! ....and yes, Chon is a boy......and his name translated is Wolf. 

My new member, Enkhtoya, and her husband, Ganbaatar. They left for Russia this week, so I probably won't see them until they come to SLC for their temple sealing in 2016! 

 Enkhtoya and Ganbaatar in their cold gear.  Going to miss them. 

 The "hump" day ritual!  One year!

 The final piece to the perfect deel!

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