Wednesday, August 6, 2014

... And then there were two.. Again

Dear Family,

Zaa cain bainn uu ger bvlth min?

You will never guess what happened last week in transfers. You probably won't be as shocked as I was, but here we go. So the transfer call came a week late, and every Elder and every Sister was just on their toes waiting. Thursday came and we got the call from the Zone Leader, and well, Elder Sims and Ulziijargal were transferred back to UB. My new companion is Elder Baldandorj, again. He was my companion in Bayanzurkh before I got transferred to Choibalsan, about four months ago. So we are now the only two missionaries in Choibalsan again, and he is the new Branch President. I am excited for him to be the Branch President because from what President said, he should be here until about December or February. Our Branch needs a steady Branch President, and they all are very familiar with Elder Baldandorj because he served here 8 months ago for about 2 transfers. So we are back together again, and he is back in his old area. I really have faith that we will work well together again. We will work hard and do what the Lord would have us do. I am excited though. He is a funny and happy kid, easy to get along with for the most part. I know if we are obedient and obey with exactness, we will be successful here.

We now have six solid investigators with baptismal dates set, one being Brother Cainbayar, who will be baptized this Friday! He was Elder Sims' and Ulziijargal's investigator, and we picked him up when they left! He is such a stud, actually the most Golden Investigator I have seen in Mongolia in my 6 months time in the country. We refer to him as Choibalsan's Savior. He is such a great investigator, and will be such an incredibly huge asset to this Branch. He might move to UB in September, though, if he can't find work here. He has already read about 1/2 the Book of Mormon and his understanding of gospel principles is amazing. Also, as I told you last week, Brother Ganbaatar's wife will be baptized on August 15th. She is great and I am so excited for Brother Ganbaatar! He has waited for this for quite some time. She is the only one left in the family not to be baptized, so it has been a long time coming.

With the other two Elders leaving, we are back to being extremely busy and extremely "ajultai" (with work)! I am excited about that, and also a little nervous, but I have faith in my companion that he will rise to the calling of Branch President and we will work, work, and work. Other than that, this week was pretty uneventful. Elder Ulziibayar and I were sick from Monday through Wednesday, I was willing to work, but Ulziijargal just couldn't do it. He was throwing up a lot so we were stuck in the house.

This past week, I studied a lot about faith from chapter 6 of "Preach My Gospel" and learned so much more about faith than I think we all think about. I went through and underlined all the verbs that are required to have Christ-Like faith, and it was overwhelming. I am really going to focus on Faith and becoming a stronger disciple of Jesus Christ this week, trusting in the Lord's plan for us, and knowing that he is here with us.

I love you guys!

Elder Xappuc

Elder Marc Harris

P.S. How awesome that Elder Huckvale is in Ryan's new ward! I'm so pumped about that. We have never actually met, but we have been good pals via Skype!

My new companion and the new Branch President, Elder Baldandorj, and I outside the church building. This is the second time around for us. We were companions before I cam to Choibalsan. He is a good missionary. I am excited. 

Elder Baldandorj and I at Dandindorj's family's home for dinner. They are probably one of the strongest families in the branch. They went to the temple and were sealed two years ago. 

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