Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Companion This Week

Dear Family,
A lot happened this week, and also a lot didn't happen. Slump season has begun.
Wednesday, my companion unexpectedly got word that he was being transferred to Darkhan, a city in northeast Mongolia, and I would getting a new companion.  For just a split second I thought, "No!  Please don't call me to Branch President."  But that being said, Elder Osorjamaa, the last Assistant to the President was sent out to be the Branch President and my Companion.  His mission is over  in July, so our companionship will be short......then I will get a new companion, again.  He was AP for 6 months, and he is a great missionary!   Honestly, he's the best Mongolian Elder in the mission and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be his last companion.  I have already learned a lot from him, and I know much more is to come. He is a great example, and is pushing me to be the missionary I really need to be.  Sometimes it is really hard to be all that you can be.  So much is weighing on you, and you feel like you are going to just crumble.  I am constantly studying Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel, "Christ-like Attributes," and the more I study, the more I realize how much I have to do to be the man, priesthood holder, and missionary that I am supposed to be.  I constantly crash and burn in those efforts, but I won't give up.  I know "Great things are brought to pass by small and simple things."  I will learn tons from Elder Osorjamaa, and that is a huge blessing.
With the two new Elders that came, the work and busy-ness has slowed down, and I don't particularly like that.  Also, they took about 6 of our investigators, leaving my companion and I with three.  But it so happens that one of our investigators went to the countryside for work, one went to UB for the summer, and the other one is on vacation.  So as of now, we have 0 investigators.  Starting over is hard, but it comes with the territory.  We have made a goal to meet with 20 new contacts or new members this, so we will keep busy.  I'm sure the Lord is preparing some one (or two, three, or four) for our message.

Our investigator that skipped his baptism back on May 30th, once again skipped his rescheduled Baptismal Interview this week, and now we have fallen out of touch with him.  That is really hard, and it makes you feel like you are responsible.  I constantly think to myself what I did wrong, and what did I do to cause this?  It really weighs hard on your mind and your heart when you work your tail off, and it doesn't go through.  I can't really explain  it, but it is just hard.

Dad, to answer your questions, my English classes are going good.  I teach Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday,  from 9-11.  It is the Choibalsan airport workers and the air traffic control people, about 15 total.  They enjoy it, so I enjoy it.  They actually have a desire to learn, so that makes my job so much easier.  They all seem to love me because at the end of each lesson,  I teach them cool English slang!   They love that!   Everyone is like 25-40 years old.

Well, I'll end with by saying that I love the Book or Mormon!  This time around, I am focusing on diving deeper into the verses and really focusing on why the stories are important, and why out of all the stories in the Book of Mormon, they were chosen for this generation.   I have learned a lot, and I truly can say that Nephi is becoming a Hero to me.  Before, I always loved his stories, but I was more of an "Ammon and 2000 Stripling Warriors" kind of guy. I am learning so much from Nephi's example, and the small and simple things he did.  I am really seeing how and why we can and need to be "Like unto Nephi."  
I love you guys.  Thanks for all you do for me, and please pray for my companion and I and for the work to progress here in my little city in Outer Mongolia.
Elder Harris

PS:  The big package you sent like 2-1/2 months ago, and that I was expecting to come with the new missionaries, didn't come.  I was disappointed.  But the small package with your handwritten letter and pics came!  I loved it so much.  I love your handwriting, I miss it!   Let's keep our fingers crossed that the big package will arrive someday.  Mom, to answer your question about what I'd like in a new package....Candy, candy, and maybe a deflated football... and, um, maybe a life-size picture of your face!  Or may a cut-out poster of you so I can hug it.  I miss you!  

My new companion, Elder Osorjamma

Elder Harris didn't give the names of the two elders on the right, but the two in the back are (L) Elder Khash-Erdene and (Center) Elder Osorjamma.

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  1. Good news and some help, at least =D that is so awesome! I know that Nicholas only got like 2 of the 5 packages I sent. I got one back the other day, too. Kind of frustrating. The only service that guarantees delivery is DHL and it's pricey. I sent Nicholas a letter today, DHL, $89.00. Yep, the letter was that important. We are praying for your boy =D He's a good guy!