Saturday, January 18, 2014

5 Weeks Down

What's up Family!  Well I hope you all have a great time celebrating Luke's birthday today! Happy Birthday to the cutest 1 year old boy I know! So this past Wednesday, January 15th, marked my one year anniversary of tearing my ACL and Meniscus. Crazy how time flies! It seems like just yesterday I was driving to Provo to get it looked at by Dr. Rich. Well I am extremely grateful for modern medicine and the opportunity that I know have to share the gospel with two good legs!  So you sold my car!?  I have only been gone for 5 weeks!  Well that was a great car.  It is sad to see it go, but hey I hear a truck calling my name when I get home in 23 months! Just kidding...!!

Well here we go. This past Sunday on our temple walk there happened to be two protesters with huge crosses outside the temple grounds harassing all the missionaries as we walked to the temple. They had video cameras and were yelling at us to "Please return to God! It is not too late!"  It was crazy.  We didn't talk or interact with them.  I honestly feel so sorry for people like that. They waste their time and energy on something so ignorant.  I hope someday they can know the truth for themselves, I really do.  It was just crazy because they are trying to convince 2000+ missionaries just walking to The House of The Lord, that we are damning ourselves by being His missionaries.  Everyone could only think to themselves that those protestors were in the wrong place if they were trying to convice Latter-Day Saints to deny the truth.  I mean, anyplace but the epicenter of missionary training.

On a brighter note, this past Tuesday we had the opportunity to hear from Elder David A. Bednar, AGAIN!  That was twice in 20 days for me!  It was so incredible to hear from him and his wife again, especially when you are directly in front of the pulpit on the 4th row!  He again answered questions that were previously asked during the Christmas Devotional. The part that struck me the most was when he bore his testimony of The Book of Mormon. It was crazy!  He was so bold and so straight forward about his testimony of the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon. I have honestly never heard a testimony like that before.  He stood up there and said that this book is truly God's words to us. He said, "No evil man could have written this book, and no good man would have, except it be by the hand of God." POWERFUL!  He then challenged every scholar in the world who tries to prove that The Book of Mormon is a lie, to have any publishing company, any author, and any poet try to write one page that is equivalent to one page of The Book of Mormon, in a period of 100 YEARS!  He then said, "THEY CAN'T DO IT!" Not even if they were given 100 years!  The Prophet Joseph Smith translated The Book of Mormon in 90 DAYS!  How could you write a book with the content of The Book of Mormon in 90 days?  Well, you can't.  No one can.  No man who was not inspired, or called of God to do so, could have. I wish you could have been there in person to see the look in his eyes and the passion that he spoke with when he spoke of The Book of Mormon. Don't tell Elder Holland, but Elder Bednar has taken the role of "Favorite Apostle" in my book. In these times in the MTC when we are trying so hard to learn everything that we literally can about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to become more learned of the Doctrine of Christ, Elder Bednar has been inspired by God to come and speak of the most important things not only in our religion, but in the world. My testimony of The Book of Mormon literally grew by leaps and bounds Tuesday night when he spoke. I am so incredibly grateful for that. It was almost like he was speaking directly to me. He said things that I needed to hear to even more fully solidify that this is the only true church in the world today.  Plus Elder Bednar is such a Boss. He tells it how it is, and if you don't like that.... SEE YA!  I love it!

This week we also said goodbye to one of our teachers, Brother Jolly. (If you're reading this Jolly Ax, how's it going?) I honestly learned so much from him. He is such a spiritual powerhouse and it is going to be very weird not having him there anymore. I hope to be the type of missionary he was. He was replaced by a Sister Largin, who just returned from Mongolia a few months ago actually! She is way cool, and she already fits right into our dynamics as a class.

We also received a whole new set of missionaries this week. These Elders will be tough.   Pray for my leadership skills! My companion, Elder Vaelea, left this past week so I received a new companion, Elder Olivedo. He is from Argentina!  Such a great kid, and I love being Zone Leader with him.

 Well Family, I love you all!  I hope all is well, and have a great week!

The church is true. The Gospel train is leaving, so if you ain't on it, better jump to it.  I love you all.  Missionary work is the real deal, and I hope that we all can come even more converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ these next two years.  Pray for me and the sisters and the language. It is coming along great, and I actually gave my best lesson yet this week all about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon! It was so crazy to see the Gift of Tongues work through you.  Pray for our visas too.  Please and thank you!

 Elder Harris

Elder Vaelea before he left. 

Great view of Utah Lake.

 Yes, the sisters think I'm weird.

 Elder Zina and I.

All the Mongolians and the missionaries going to Mongolia!

 Our departing teacher on the left, Elder Jolley, and our new teacher on the right, Sister Largin.

 The Mongolian elders, Zina and Enkjargel, "repping" Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.

 Thanks dad! They love their t-shirts!

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