Saturday, December 14, 2013

First Week

Well how is everyone! What is it like having me outta sight and outta mind? I bet it is quite refreshing! Well I assume that you guys arrived safely back to Henderson. I just want to thank you mom and dad for driving me up here and spending the last few days with me before I departed. I know you wouldn't have missed it, but there are tons of Elders and Sisters here who flew into the MTC and said bye to their parents well before Wednesday.

So lets see here... well the MTC is way cool! I am loving every bit of it, even the terribly uncomfortable beds, and the very early mornings. It is just all part of the experience ya know? Well this place is truly amazing. You feel the.spirit so strong when even just walking down the hall. The thing I love the most about the MTC is the overall Spirit of Missionary Work. It is absolutely incredible how it just radiates through every building, hall way, and most importantly the people here. You will never see someone that isn't smiling. I love that. All the teachers, employees, etc, all have a true desire to be here and help with hastening the Lords work in any way that they can. Something that is indescribable is just walking through the halls and seeing a SEA of Elders and Sisters. It is almost overwhelming how many there actually are. It has been a very humbling experience for me. The best part about it though is as you look around and see everyone, you know why they are here. We all have the same purpose, the same goal, the same wants and desires, and that is to serve our Lord by bringing others to the happiness that this gospel brings.

So Wednesday immediately after I was dropped off, we were given our badges, and I was escorted to a special line, to talk to special people. I was pretty scared to be honest. I thought I was in trouble. Well come to find out, Jordan Hansen, the one who we assumed would be my companion, is not an Elder, but a Sister. You heard that right, I am the only Elder going to Mongolia. Crazy huh? So the 3 sisters are Sister Della-Silva,from Montana, Sister Sneddon from Park City, and Sister Hansen from D.C.. So here is the tricky part, I am what they call a SOLO ELDER. It is pretty weird. I don't really have a true companion. I must be with the three sisters from my district (Sneddon, Della-Silva, and Hansen)  pretty much at all times. I can never be with one of them alone, and not even two of them alone. I have to be with all 3 of them at the same time. Such a lack of testosterone... But whenever I am not with them, I am to be with my two Elder roommates, Elder Maun, from Marshall Islands, or Elder Chang, from Taiwan. They have become pretty good buddies. So we have a room made for 6 Elders, but there are only 3 of us in there, so that is quite nice. Elder Maun is going to Fort Worth TX, and Elder Chang is going to NY NY South. So to your surprise, I love Elder Chang. He is fresh off the boat to America. Wednesday was his first time on U.S soil. Crazy huh? He is great though, and pretty funny. He sings Josh Groban all the time, which is so funny. Elder Maun is a 25 year old Elder. He has a great spirit, and I respect him a lot for coming out this late. 

I am in Branch 14 here in the MTC. Fun fact, I am the only American in Branch 14. We have about 20 Elders, coming from such places as Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Argentina, Tonga, Samoa, Pompei, and some other crazy European countries. They are so cool though! My two favorites and the two who I have taken the most liking to is Elder Roggow, from Germany, and Elder Aabo, from Sweden. They are SOO chill, and I know that we would be such friends if we grew up together. They both love Will Smith. I didn't even know people outside of the states knew about that kind of stuff. Elder Roggow and I have had some pretty good times in the dorms rapping Will Smith songs. Like I said I am the only American. it is honestly such a testimony builder to me. You see how much all these Elders have sacrificed to be here. You take for granted that the there are kids all around the world with the desire to serve, and that this desire is just not in America. They all have such strong testimonies. I actually envy their testimony so much because it seems like they have had to prove it more. 

Something cool was that we had a very small group of Elders and Sisters that enterned to MTC on Wednesday. There was about 140 of us, and not a single one was called to an English speaking mission. We are all here for 6-9 weeks learning something brand new. In my case the longest language program in the MTC. 

So Thursday night, I was called to be the Zone Leader of our Branch. What a humbling experience that was. We have about 5 districts in our Zone, so about 50 missionaries or so, and I am to lead them by example on how to be the best that they can be. It is going to be such a learning experience for me, and I think I will learn more from them than they will from me. I am blessed to have been called to that. It will keep me busy. Elder Roggow and Aabo are the Zone Leaders now, but the leave Monday, so they will train me before they fly out. Pray for me. Our Branch President is President Marion, from North Carolina, or Zion as he calls it. He is a great man. He stares into your soul and makes you feel it. He is very blunt and will and has already called me out a few times for things. It is pretty scary, but I know it is out of love. He bore us his testimony last night and it was incredible. The spirit was very prominent. I will enjoy working with him as I strive to become better. 

So Mongolian is nuts. Literally mind blowing. Don't ask me how I will learn this language in 9 weeks because all I will say is by the spirit. Heavenly Father will take care of us, and that is all the 3 sisters and I keep saying. We have already learned how to say about 10 different basic phrases. It is fun practicing with the sisters. We have made it our biggest goal to talk in Monglish as much as possible in our every day talk. It will come with time. Patience is key. 

I am so blessed to be here. I AM A REAL MISSIONARY! A called representative of Jesus Christ. I love you guys. I promise that I am so busy in the work and I really havent even had a chance to think about you guys until I sat down to write this. Hang in there, 2 years is actually pretty short if you look at the big picture. 

I know my Savior lives. I know that missionary work is the life blood of this church. I know that I am here for a reason, and that is to help others come unto Christ. I have bought into this work, and I am so excited for what is to come. 

Elder Marc Harris

Elder Chang and I

 Elder Maun and I

 The badge

 The Sisters and I getting our first mail.

 Elder Rodriguez and I at the dentist.

Getting blood drawn!!

 In our class

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