Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Hard Week in the City

Dear Family,

Well, this week we got back from Choibalsan on Wednesday.  Man, was that so awesome!  We had a feast there last Monday down at the river.  The Branch bought a sheep for 170,000 toogs (80 bucks).  We went mutton-busting!  I tackled the sheep down to the ground, then we grabbed it by the legs, got them tied up, put it in the back of a little car, and off we went.  I won't go to into detail, but the way they kill it….wow.  My comp and I were two of the four men on the slaughtering squad.  I actually only did the skinning.  The food that was made out of it is called Horhog!  So good!  It is meat that is steamed with veggies in the huge barrel of hot rocks. It took about 4 hours.  Nothing is wasted.   So let’s buy a sheep when I get home and I will show you guys what to do!  Eh?

I was able to meet with such great old friends out there, especially Ganbayar and Naraa, the Mother and Son I baptized.  Naraa is prepared to go to the temple in Hong Kong in September, and Ganbayar’s mission papers are almost done.  He just needs an interview with President Benson.  He should be gone soon! Availability date is September 19th!  I am so blessed to know them!

This week in the city was hard.  Work was slow. One investigator of ours who should have been baptized, wasn’t.  A story for when I get home.  Also, an Elder, a friend of mine, left his mission this week. It was hard on me to see him leave.  Just really sad to have missionaries go home.  Please pray for our mission. It’s so tough when we have Elders or Sisters leave early.  It is scary.  We are so close to having two more stakes in Mongolia, so a total of three!  Satan knows that and is scared. He is working hard here on us missionaries, and with the people we meet with.  Please pray. Heavenly Father protects us, but Satan is real, and he wants to destroy us.  We need His blessings every day for protection against the adversary.  This week I had trash thrown in my face, point blank. Cross that off the bucket list. :)  Another story for when I get home.  Everything is good, though.  I love my mission.

Love you all,

Elder Harris

Back in my Choibalsan.

I love these people!  This is a group picture taken on June 1, 2015, at the Branch activity of the Choibalsan Mongolian Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

 Fishing the Herlen River.  Choibalsan, Mongolia. 

Racking up the frequent flier miles.  This is the 12th flight of my mission.

“You follow your companion into war." -Elder Harris- June MLC

 Mutton bustin’.  Got ‘em.

 Viewer discretion….Preparing the sheep!  Elder Hill and I. 

Sheep gut soup!  Nothing is wasted.

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