Monday, January 12, 2015

Families Can be Together Forever

Dear Family,

Well this week there is not a huge amount to tell you about. My companion has been sick and that kept us in the house most of the week.

However, this week Namulun, that 9-year old investigator from this past summer whose mother and father are both returned missionaries, was baptized!   When the sisters came to Choibalsan, we passed her onto them, so they finished her off on the last lessons, and they've just been working really hard with the family.  She could have been baptized a long time ago, but we all decided it was best to wait until the Father's work was finished so this could be a family strengthening centered baptism, leading the father and mother back into full activity.  Well, the past 3 weeks or so the whole family has been here at church, so that has been great.  You can really see that they know the gospel that they once preached as missionaries is so important to their lives.  Just looking at them in Sacrament Meeting, at the baptism, and when they had their new baby boy blessed a few weeks ago, you can see how much they love that little girl and baby boy, and want nothing more than to raise them in the church. Still, their free agency is getting in the way, but I have faith that someday, they will all be sealed together. Families can be together forever guys!  How great is that!

In Sacrament Meeting yesterday, I blessed my first baby, Nimdawaa Azjargal, the daughter of Sister Gereltsetseg (Light Flower). It was a super neat experience, holding this new baby in my arms, rocking her with my companion and 1st counselor, and giving her a name....all in Mongolian!  At one point, I got pretty choked up.  I don't know why, but I thought about it later and just thought about how close this little girl is to her Heavenly Father, and not long ago, she was right up there with Him. Also, I thought about the future family that I will have, and how precious that will be to me, to bless my son or daughter. I was touched by the Spirit for those few minutes. Anyways, it was really cool.

Well, transfers happen this week.  I don't know what is going to happen, and I am trying to NOT focus on it.  The week before transfers is always rough.  So much anticipation!  Again, I have a feeling that I am going, and my companion will replace me as  Branch President, but who knows. I just want to serve where the Lord wants me!

Until next week, I love you guys!

Elder Harris

Namulun, and her family!

Pictures from the baptism. 

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