Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Lord knows me, and He's got everything covered.

Dear Family,
This week was not too eventful.  Just trying to get the hang of everything going on with my new calling.  There are many things that kind of got left for me more or less with no explanation from my old companion.  This is not his fault, it's just how it is when Branch Presidents are rotated in and out.   Needless to say, it is a lot of learning on the go.  I love it though!  It is just so different from anything I've ever done.... being in charge of EVERYTHING.  I admit it is stressful at times, but I know the Lord is with me. With every mistake I make, or lack of knowledge that I have, I know the Lord's atonement and its enabling power covers it all by means of my Faith in Him who has "suffered (me) to come unto this place..." (D&C 100:4) 

As I study the Atonement of Jesus Christ I am truly speechless.  He suffered and died, and was nailed to a cross, for me. Only one man would do that, and that is the Savior of all mankind. My feelings for the Atonement are gigantic compared to the words that I can speak regarding the matter, that is why I feel expression through scripture to be suitable. "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. Behold the wounds which pierced my side, and also the prints of the nails in my hands and feet; be faithful." (D&C 6:36-37)  He took care of everything.
He paid the ransom, His life, for ours, and now all we need to do is put our faith in Him who calls us His own. 

Well, I'm happy to report that my new companion, Elder Tsend-Ayush, is awesome!  Man I feel so blessed!  He is 18, almost 19, and has been out just as long as I have.  He is the funniest kid and always wants to talk!  We have become great friends already, and through this past week, it is evident to me that the Lord knows me and knows what kind of companion I needed to lift my spirits out here.  He is the biggest "Hipster" in Mongolia.  I mean, he just loves his hairspray, haha, but he has such a good vision of what the work needs to be like.  He is ready to work hard, work, work, work.  So that is the plan!  We didn't teach tons of lessons this week, but when we did, they were solid, and I love the way he teaches.  I see much success in the near future!  He also has a football...and can throw it, so you know how our p-days will be spent! 

Right now we have three investigators that have the opportunity to get baptized this month, but it is truly dependent on them and the Lord's plan for them.  One of them is a 15 year old young man named Tugulthdur.  He has been a investigator for like 6 months now... (soooooooooo...... (breath) soooooooo LONG).  He wants to get baptized very bad and knows the doctrine so well, but just doesn't come to church.  This week, I finally just sat down with him in front of his mother and kind of just called him on the carpet.   His mother was a little upset at me for not allowing him to get baptized.  Of course all "excuses" that I received were supposed to be valid, but I had to just tell her and him how it is....that he needs to attend church.   I shared the story of The Water of Mormon, and about how great their desire was to be baptized that they were clapping and exclaiming with excitement (Mosiah 18).  I then got the response from them, "Well all they had to do was say they had desire and they could be baptized!"  (I hate having to do this whole battle thing with people's agency!  JUST COME TO CHURCH AND KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS!)  So I re-explained how they gathered together to hear the words of Alma, and how Alma taught them of repentance and redemption.   I likened that to the missionary lessons we teach, and keeping the commandment......and then they understood.   So Tugulthdur promised to make church attendance a habit and I promised that he can be baptized when he is ready, but he must come to church as many times as is needed to be a "habit". 

Our other two investigators are young men, a15-year old and a17-year old.  They are good, and I am proud of them and their progression.

Family, please pray for us to find older people to teach.  I know that all need salvation, but I just would really love to teach families, and older people who are making this decision from the depths of their hearts.  I hope that doesn't sound selfish.  Maybe RM's understand, it is just hard to explain.

My contract at the Airport ends this transfer.. so who knows where I will be around Christmas! 

To my San Francisco Giants...Баяр Хүргэe!!    I'm not sad I missed it, but today (p-day) I am wearing my Giants hat!  Таван живийн дотор, гураван удаа дэлхийн аврага болсон! 

Хайртай Шүү,
Ахлагч Харрис

My awesome District of four!

The Sister Training Leaders came out to Choibalsan do exchanges with the Sisters.  The Sisters love the "gangster" poses. HaHa.

Everyone always talks about Choibalsan's sunrise because it is so flat here.  It is literally like the edge of the earth, so the sunrise looks so awesome!  We went one morning and the sun didn't rise.... seriously.  So we went again this morning and it was spectacular! 

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