Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eejuun Odor Mend (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY)

Dear Family,

 I loved talking to you guys so much.  Thank you for hanging in there while we got the technical difficulties solved.   Christmas will be a lot smoother.  I don't have any time, got to get to work.   But I just want to say that the work is great, and all is well.  I forgot to tell you during our talking time that we have 23 LESSONS THIS WEEK!!!   23!!!  TWENTY-THREE!!   We made a goal of 15, and we thought that was a stretch, but we mustered up 23!  I am so proud of us, but I know it is all owed to Heavenly Father and Jesus.  It is not us, it is them.  They do it, we just have the privilege of writing a big "23" in our planners for the week.   I love this work, I love these people.  Six baptisms this month!  One on Friday, and five on May 30th!  How great is that?   I feel so blessed to be responsible for the salvation of souls.  It is a pretty scary thing if you think about it, but through the Lord we are strengthened and we are given the ability to do it.

Also, great news!   The mission was able to find and secure a sponsor for me here in Choibalsan.   That means I will get to stay.  My sponsor is a man who is the head of the Choibalsan airport.   He is not a member, but a great friend to the church here.  I will start teaching English here very soon, which will be great!   Since I have a sponsor now, I most likely will not be transferred out of here for some time....possibly clear up until December or longer.  That's okay with me.  There's a lot of work to be done here.  The Branch and the members need us and the youth need our example.  I love it here.  I have a great companion.  We are busy every minute of every day and are dead tired when we get home every night, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I don't really have much more to say. I am kind of speechless at this point after talking to my great family.  Sorry my testimony in Mongolian was pretty weak over the video....I was just too filled with the emotions of saying goodbye.

I love you all.  I wish I could have said everything I wanted, but that is alright. That is just the sacrifice we all make for the Lord's work.

Elder Xappuc

Our seminary class! The two kids in the back left will be baptized on May 30th. They are Ganbayar and Ekhbayar. Tseengoon, in the gray hoodie, will be baptized on Friday the 16th! The are members. We love these kids!

This is as far west as we go! Isn't it beautiful?

Just flat land, cattle, and a Mongolian sunset. 

Flood in the apartment! We came home on probably the longest day of my life, and our kitchen had flooded... 4 inches deep. We were up until like 11:30 cleaning it, went to bed, then woke up and went fishing at 5am with a member before seminary at 6:30. Then we came home from seminary and it was flooded again...rough life. Not happy campers!

Recently, we've got to fish a little on P-days. I caught 4 fish last P-day... no bigger than 6 inches, but hey! Also, big shout out to Elder Palmer's parents from Henderson. Thanks for the UNLV t-shirt! I love it!

IT was great talking to my family on Mother's Day.

After I talked with you, we decided to get some sheep head! MY FIRST... AND MY LAST SHEEP HEAD!! I really hated it. IT was awesome to be eating it, but I will never do it again. Just tasted like "farm." Well Mongolian Steppe. 

Experiencing Mongolian cuisine... sheep head!

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  1. Most excellent news! I am so happy he has a sponsor and that he and his companion are ON FIRE! What a huge blessing!