Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just a Quick Letter This Week

Dear Family,

Well, I will apologize in advance.  I don't have much time today.  We are moving into another apartment, I have a new companion, and we have 1000 things to do.  So sorry, but here it goes.

Last Tuesday my short-term missionary companion left back to the countryside all of a sudden.  Since I needed a new companion and it wasn't transfer day yet, I was put into a threesome with Elder Faber and Elder Ulziijargal.  I had a great time, they are great elders, but I got NO work done in MY area, which really bothers me!   But, hey, what can you do?   So I was with them all week and we taught quite a few lessons to their investigators, so that was really nice.

On Saturday we had a mission-wide service project!  It was really fun!  All the missionaries split up and went to their church building and cleaned the buildings from top to bottom, inside and out.  It was really enjoyable and it felt great to be there with 20 other missionaries serving!

Today is transfer day!  As expected, I received a new trainer and a permanent companion!   His name is Elder Baldandorj!  He has been on his mission for 7 months and is now also a Zone Leader.  I am very excited about that, and I know we will work great together!  I am very grateful for him already and for his welcoming attitude!    The best thing is that his mom is getting baptized in a few weeks, on April 18th, and HE GETS TO BAPTIZE HER!   It will be such a privilege to see that!   So today, we've already got a lot of things done.  We have moved to our new apartment across the city.  It was the AP's apartment, so IT IS STINKIN' NICE!  We have an incredible view of the whole city, so that is very nice.

Besides Elder Baldanjorj's mom, we have two baptisms scheduled for April 18th, so I am very excited about that!  I hope and pray everyday that they will progress as planned and be able to enter the waters of baptism on that day.  Please pray for me and my companion and our investigators.

This past week, I had the opportunity to read from Alma quite a bit during personal study, particularly Alma giving counsel to his sons.  I love that. It is very applicable to all of us because we all have a Father who just wants the best for us.   I am very excited to get back to work in MY area (Bayanzurkh) and I'm grateful that I didn't get transferred to a new area!  I know good things lie ahead here and I can't wait to see the fruits of our labors. 

I know the Lord knows me.  I know he is looking over Elder Baldandorj and I, and he is right here with us.  I love that feeling!   I feel so close to my Heavenly Father, and I can feel such a change working in me.  I know this is where I am supposed to be right now.

I love you guys!  Stay Safe!

Elder Xappuc (Harris)

My new companion and trainer, Elder Baldandorj.

When we aren't catching a bus, we are trying to get a taxi. 

Service project at our church building.

Elder Farmer and I. I will miss him. 

Elder Faber and I. I tripled-up with him and his companion for this week. 

Church clean-up service project.

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